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Bali Property Listing (BPL) is a Real Estate company which provides consulting services and mediation assistance for clients who are interested in buying, selling, leasing or renting their properties specifically in the region of Bali. The company is managed by experienced professionals that have over 12 years of experience, who have solid career background in buying and selling property, Holiday rental, Property development and Architecture, Hotels and Villas rental management. So far with businesses that are still running, BPL still provides the best services for both domestic and international clientele.

Furthermore, for us to understand your specific investment desires, the BPL team will invite you to a call or through a face to face appointment at no cost to discuss your requirements. We ensure to offer you only the best and most rational choices. As our client, you will also be provided information related to development progress in Bali area. We believe that based on the personal service we have, along with good integrity, we have gradually created stronger and wider relationship with our clients.

Most of our recommendations we’ve received so far are from our previous clients who entrusted our services to their colleagues and relatives. We believe that the trust we earned apart from our integrity, is also because we do have a diverse group of professionals who are originally Balinese and trusted associates who have been living and developing their successful lives and business in Bali for a very long time. As the locals, we are highly knowledgeable on most of Bali, aware of the property investments in the market and the progress of regulatory and policies from the local government.

Our property’s market list will first go through an internal clarification process before it’s submitted to our clients. We will also assist our client during the inspection process and provide them with all the information we are able to provide, to help them as much as possible in the completion of our client’s requirements. We will re-clarify if necessary and will be more than happy to offer our best approach if it can ease our client’s decision making.

We respect and enjoy Bali’s culture for years and we have successfully built up our networking in the most respectful manner. It’s such a great privilege for us to see now that our options are larger and allow us to have more connections directly with local owners (asset’s owners) who desire to join in the real estate market with respect to their various purposes and backgrounds. We are always happy to supply them with any necessary info they need and at the end we would like to ensure that collaborations is fair and proceed in the most reasonable and professional way.

From the overall experiences we have gained through many years of work, our patience and persistence in understanding the wishes of our guests is the key to our success.

“Simply understand the process and achieve your dream”
Bali Property Listing
A company of Tulip Jaya Internasional


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